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How to use the Planimeter

How to use a Planix 7 Planimeter.


Song Credit : Closer by The Chainsmokers sorry if it is not credited for a long time. I just used to upload the video on youtube so ...

PLANIMETER Pole INSIDE figure case

Pole arm length effects gain ie scale factor of the Planimeter in the "pole inside figure case". In the normal case of "pole outside ...

Polar Planimeter Review / HowTo

A polar planimeter, which measures the area of a region when you trace around it. This is episode 9 of my video series about ...

Digital planimeter demonstration

TAMAYA Planix 7 - Digital Planimeter. A simple demonstration of using a digital planimeter. Once a very important and versatile ...

Area of Irregular Shape by digital planimeter by Prof. S. S. Sawant

Area of Irregular Shape by digital Planimeter by Prof. S. S. Sawant (TSSM's BSCOER) Civil Engineering Department.

Homemade polar planimeter - DIY area measuring instrument

A homemade polar planimeter. A planimeter measures the area of irregular shapes and is used for maps and technical drawings.

#Area Measurement Using Planimeter _By- HOD OF [email protected] Aade sir#

How to calculate area # using digitale planimeter ..?.

Lego Technic - Pritz Hatchet Polar Planimeter

My lego creations for sale on mochub : https://www.mochub.com/user/59/ Modified polar planimeter of pritz concept. More at ...

Zobel-Planimeter (1815)

In 1815 the Bavarian surveyor Zobel invented this mechanism for approximately calculating areas. Eine Ausstellung zur ...

3 metody měření obsahů ploch

To find area is a common problem in mathematics. For some regions you can use formulas. What about irregular regions?The video ...


Zeigt das Calibrieren eines HAFF Digital-Planimeter. Shows the calibration from Digital - Planimeter HAFF.

Cara Menggunakan Planimeter - DAM Survey Tutorial

Departemen Teknik Geomatika angkatan 2016.

Integrating with a planimeter

You can use a planimeter to graph antiderivatives. Here I do antiderivatives of x, sin x, 1/x, and e^x. This is a bonus episode of my ...

Area measurements on the map using Planimeter App for iOS.

iOS:http://goo.gl/vdLbDw Android: http://goo.gl/Y4hoJH Planimeter is a tool to measure distances and areas on a map, to check ...

Planimeter of Johann Martin Hermann (1814)

The very first planimeter which could exactly calculate the area within any arbitrarily shaped closed curve by tracing a pointer ...

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