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There are always a couple roads to one destination. There are also a couple ways to say the same thing in English. Writing?


Here and There is an educational programme that reveals interesting little-known facts on topics covering a variety of fields.

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What Did They Say?

Based on authentic interviews and speeches of famous people, the programme 'What Did They Say?' helps viewers to improve ...

English Club TV - stay tuned!

The educational channel English Club TV celebrates its 10th anniversary. Now English Club TV is one of the most popular TV ...

About ECTV On-the-Go

http://english-club.tv/index.php/on-the-go English Club TV offers you ECTV On-the-Go. It's a perfect service to learn English online.

Spot on the map

Spot on the Map is an educational program based on authentic material. Each program is an exciting excursion around London.

Basic Lexis Episode 1 - Learn english (A1 Level)

Basic Lexis” is a series of English video lessons by English Club TV Channel designed for beginners. In each episode native ...

Jack of all Trades_highlights

Do you know what to say to a dentist? Or how to explain a hairdresser what hairstyle you want? Our new programme will help you ...

Worth Seeing

With 'Worth Seeing', learning English is a fascinating journey. Each episode is divided into four levels, developed for learners of ...


NOW IN PARIS!!! The aim of the programme 'Basic Lexis' is to introduce basic vocabulary to beginners. Watching the programme ...

Kids in Action

'Kids in Action' is intended to help your child learn new vocabulary while watching the children of England doing various activities.

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Magic Science_Highlight

Welcome our new project! 'Magic Science' is a fun educational programme for beginners and intermediate English students.

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